Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hello! Miss

Hello! Miss (2007)
Korean Drama

Lee Ji Hoon - Dong Gyu
Lee Da Hae - Lee Soo Ha
Ha Suk Jin - Chan Min
Yoon Mi So - Suh Hwa Ran

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Episodes: 16

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: Hwa Ahn Dang owner, Soo Ha, is trying to save the place from being bankrupt. She meets Dong Gyu and Chang Min, the grandsons of a wealthy man, who had worked for a long time at Hwa Ahn Dang before. Together with a crazy woman's daughter 'Hwa Ran', they get involve in a dangerous love story... This drama is adapted from the novel, "Kimchi Mandu."

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meliko said...

This drama is hilarious! Thanks for putting up links to's taking way too long to download xD

Tiffiany_45 said...

This was a great Romantic Comedy! I love Lee Da Hae! The chemistry btn her and Lee Ji Hoon was FANTASTIC but I don't feel the drama used that to the best of its ability. When the director saw how GREAT they were together, he should have given them MORE romantic scenes. That's the only fault I have to say about it. I really wish there were romantic scenes.

Anonymous said...

Just finish the drama... its not bad... though a bit draggy - up to ep 11, had to skip a few parts..

The ending is good.. but wish that the main character, Lee Da Hae didnt take sooooooooo long to realize the love for Lee Ji Hoon... (hey, LJH told her his feelings in ep 5!)...

and wish that LJH character isnt that "weak" all the time and that LDH character is not "strong" all the time... only saw the great chemistry between the two of them in the last episode... shame..