Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brown Sugar Macchiato

Brown Sugar Macchiato (2007)
Taiwanese Drama

Da Ya
Gui Gui
Mei Mei
Tong Tong
Ya Tou
Xiao Xun
Xiao Jie
Xiao Man
Ao Quan
Ah Wei
Xiao Jie
Xiao Yu
Wang Zi
Liu Rong Jia
(yes there really are that MANY people in this drama)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Episodes: 20

Playlist (Veoh)

Playlist 2 (cr)

: One day, six boys with different personalities and backgrounds are notified they shared the same father. And on top of that they are entitled to a large inheritance. There is only one catch. They must attend the same school and live in the same house for one year to become loving brothers.

But, the boys not only hate each other, they have to deal with nine mean girls from their class. Will the brothers band together and successfully pass the inheritance test? Or, will falling in love with their classmates pull them farther apart?

~All information taken from DramaWiki~


Anonymous said...

Wow! i LUV taiwanese dramas...
Please post up the link to this soon.. it seems really interesting!!

thank-u <3

Lim Mei Li said...

hey..this drama is really great..
well..actually, i've watched this on YOUTUBE.COM and...whoa!!!'s sooooo nice!!!

Gui Gui and Wang Zi do make a great couple...

cute and handsome...

and ...

they're both singers and actors right?

perfect combination..

Anonymous said...

can u tell me what is the real name of wang zi?????

ali-ness said...

oh ma geeh!!!
i totally LOVE this drama!!!
my favorite couple is gui gui AND wangzi!!! LOVE THEM!!!

maria said...

wooowww iloveee thisss drama.this drama is number one.the drama is veryyyyy............great.wo cente xihuannnnn wangzhi.can you tell me the real name of wang zhi,pleazeeeee. wang zhi you veryyy zhi can you come indonesian???

Anonymous said...

this drama is awesome!!! sooo cute >.< i think wang zi's real name was Sheng Yi or something like that. lols, buttah yea, really cute drama to watch! i wanna buy the series!!! ^.^

Anonymous said...

购说了, 王子把我的名字头周了! = 。= 可是黑檀吗几的很COOL 的人, 獒犬万岁!(hey, 毒药对我的中文法火。。。我是韩国热。。。 可是对台湾的节目征得有星星!!^^

Junshi (: said...

Wang Zi is called Wang Zi. Apart from Senior Rong Jia, the 6 male leads and 8/9 female leads use their real names in the drama. Tong Tong isn't called Tong Tong in real life


Anonymous said...

uhm i was wondering gui gui is the girl who shows up in the 1st episode fixing cars right?

Anonymous said...

Wawww...I really love this drama especially wang zi and gui gui,I love this couple and I also luv both xiao je couple!!!