Friday, March 30, 2007

Summer x Summer

Summer x Summer (2007)
Taiwanese Drama

Joe Cheng - Ouyang Lei
Cai Yi Zhen - Xia Ya
Ruan Jing Tian - Zhou Qiao Shan
Zhang Yu Chen - Ouyang Yu Yan

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Episodes: ?

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: Ouyang Yu Yan meets Xia Ya, for the very first time, she believes they would become best friends. When Xia Ya sees Yu Yan's one-year-younger brother, Lei, for the very first time, she falls in love with him. But how could a plain girl like Xia Ya attract the attention of Ouyang Lei, a cool bishounen model who has a difficult personality?

Zhou Qiao Shan, the kendo captain, begins to like Yu Yan, but Yu Yan believes he likes Xia Ya. Chen Lang Zhu, one of the kendo boys, decided to send a love letter to Xia Ya. Lei laughs at her knowing that it is the first love letter Xia Ya has ever received.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

*I'm helping sub this! Pay attention for my name during the credits!*


jenjbm said...

thank you for all your hard work... it is a very interesting drama! i already watched the 2 episodes & i'm looking forward on watching the rest! thanks a lot & i hope you will continue uploading this! thanks again!

Meili1978 said...

Thanks so much for your effort in subbing this drama LOVE JOE CHENG since ISWAK. Quick questions if you dont mind. I'm trying to download S X S with subs but so far I've been unsuccessful. Can you help me?. Email me at

misakichii said...

thank you tiffany. i just realize that you're the same tiffany from youtube. thanks a bunch!!

Anonymous said...

this is a good drama. do you know any other good korean dramas that are romantic comedy? thx :)

Tiffiany_45 said...

Ok, so I know this drama wasn't the best, but it was the first one I helped sub, and it was a lot of fun! I'll miss it! Joe is ADORABLE in this drama and I really like Cai Yi Zhen. I love her laugh!

There isn't a lot of development in the drama, but the story is light and cute. It'd be a refreshing drama after watching a really tragic or dramatic drama.

yeetha said...

does anyone know where i can buy this movie in eng sub? email me at

femina83 said...

Thanks for the upload...i love Joe Cheng since "it started with a kiss"..he sure rocks!

femina83 said...

Thanks for the upload...i love Joe Cheng since "it started with a kiss"..he sure rocks!

piggimoojo said...

but.......who would kiss some1 if they just gave them a sweater?????

anyways, it was sweet <3