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I'm severely slacking when it comes to this blog. Sorry guys. I've been working up a storm with Intangible FS and when I'm not doing stuff with them, I'm trying to catch up on watching dramas myself. I'll get this place updated one day!

Everyone needs to check out the Nodame Cantabile Special!!! It was freakin fantastic! Softsubs have been released and I'll keep a look out for streaming links for everyone!



Moodyhap said...

I love this video, this is one of my favorite dramas.
Thanks for posting it :)

GiGi said...

Dear Tiffany:

This series is so funny. I might end up gaining some extra pounds from eating while watching. Again, thank you for opening the new door to endless possibilities

minusman26 said...

This is the best drama I have ever seen. Kim Sun Ah is awesome. I was so move by her performance. Thank you for posting it.

Anonymous said...

the one of the best doramas I have seen. the girl is cute and the guy is hot and the whole dorama is just too funny

Anonymous said...

Omgosh, I have this video saved as a favorite, that's why I was sooo happy when I saw it up, because I've loved it since I saw it. I love ISWAK, I can't wait till ISWAK 2, but I'm kind of scared that it won't be good, but w/e, I'm watching it through.

Anonymous said...

wat drama is this? i like the video juz wanna know the title of the drama. thanx!

Anonymous said...

awesome video! i was wondering, whats the song called thats playing?

Anonymous said...

it's corrinne may's song, Safe in a crazy world

Kimmie said...

Your blog caught my attention b/c I was searching Michelle Yip and your Street Fighter entry came up. I think it is really cool that you watch TVB series. You got an awesome blog. Sorry, I know I'm random. Take care.

Anonymous said...

hi, I love this song and i love this drama it's good. Great job on making this video. {C}

Anonymous said...

9 end 2 outs K-drama in user lyptika. subbed

time between dog and wolf user 7stelis AND aka "time of dog and wolf" user lyptika, AND "the hour of dog and wolf user noochtv. It's a k-drama in

Anonymous said...

there is a singaporean drama Switched! on youtube from hoatian1314

spirited away said...


Your old layout was so clean and chic. Now it hurts my eyes. Yellow on black? puke worthy.

Other than that though, love your site. A brilliant idea that's brilliantly executed. I always come here first when I need to see something.

critic said...

i couldnt find a way to contact you, so im just writing it here. this is a great site. but i would appreciate if you remove/replace the sources(links of videos) that doesnt work any more. half of them are gone, suspended, and etc.

Emily said...

oh wow. nice surprise. i really like the change it really does look less amateurish.

Anonymous said...

hey dont know if you know this site...thought id let u know incase its of any use to you or others but an alternative site for viewing dramas online with no downloading is They have all Asian Dramas and you can watch everything All in 1 page. No need to click back and forth, or search for episodes. Check it out . You will love it.

Tiffiany_45 said...

^ The reason I'm not linking the site is bc it's technically just doing what I'm doing. It's giving you the links to watch the dramas like I am. If the site has any links that I don't already have, I'll post them on here!!!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can download or stream the Kdrama "Say you love me/Tell me you love" with Kim Rae Won starring in it. For some reason this drama is hard to come by!

aracir said...

hello. there's a website that plays Asian dramas, anime, anything from Asia =) online. You can go to and have to log in to play vids. There are english subs as indicated.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
moon said...

i still do appreciate this blog because of the great summaries of the dramas, i get to know a little about it first before watching. there's just so many and i have limited time to view so this is a big help. thanks

Anonymous said...

I still like your site better because I get a little info about the shows.
I usualy don't try something that I don't know at least the summary.

Anonymous said...

I simply love this video I'm going to watch nodame cantabile again. :-)

ellehcim said...

Ahh! I love that MV-- but now it's gone!

did anyone save it? ^_^;;

4ever7 said...

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Anonymous said...

You work with Intangible FS?? Wow, thanks for all the great work!! I couldn't watch half my dramas if it wasn't for you guys [;

& the Nodame Cantabile SP was awesome !!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE HANA YORI DANGO!!! & i did start watching Tatta Hitotsu no Koi but i never got the time to finish (i will during vacation ^_^)

this video is soo good; the song goes well with the pictures.

yazidane said...

You can go to my blog and download some of your favourite movie...

Nika said...

Hi! You Watching Asian drama??? Goood Blog :)

WhatDoWeHaveNStore said...

love Hana Yori Dango. One of my favorites

putri-bali said...

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gatekeeper said...

I've alway wanted to watch these drama but it's very tiring to watch it on TV there are very unexpected thing always happen sometime you forget the day sometimes the hour sometimes your not at home sometimes there are black out so tendency you can't see the whole picture on who's who and so on and so fort...shooo........

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This is the best drama I have ever seen. Kim Sun Ah is awesome. I was so move by her performance. Thank you for posting it.

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