Friday, January 5, 2007

Hana Yori Dango

Hana Yori Dango (2005)
Japanese Drama

Inoue Mao - Makino Tsukushi
Matsumoto Jun - Domyoji Tsukasa
Oguri Shun - Hanazawa Rui
Matsuda Shota - Nishikado Sojiro
Abe Tsuyoshi - Mimasaka Akira

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 9

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Summary: Tsukushi is a new student at Eitoku Gakuen - an exclusive school attended by rich families' children. Being poor, she is always bullied and sabotaged by her schoolmates. Things become worse when she crosses the path of F4 (a group comprises of the 4 richest guys). And along the way, she makes friend with Rui, a person who has helped her often, and falls in love with him. Shortly after, her head rival, Tsukasa, also reveals that he likes her. This turn-around situation puts Tsukushi in a very difficult position as she doesn't know what to do.

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Shubha said...

This was the first japanese drama i watched and it was totally enjoyable! Fast paced, comical and cute, its abit addictive.

Tiffiany_45 said...

Fun and entertaining!!! If I had to choose I would say it's better than the Taiwanese version! Makino and Domouji (sp?) were GREAT and the chemistry between them was palpable. The comedy was FANTASTIC too! However, I do have to say that I never rooted for Rei and Makino like I did for SC and Lei in Meteor Garden.

Anonymous said...

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