Friday, January 5, 2007

Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven (2003)
Korean Drama

Director: Lee Jang Soo

Kwon Sang Woo - Cha Song Ju
Choi Ji Woo - Han Jung Suh
Kim Tae Hee - Han Yu Ri
Shin Hyun Joon - Han Tae Hwa

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 20

Playlist COMPLETE and PUBLIC as of Oct. 15, 2006

Playlist 2

Playlist 3

: Jung-suh and Song-joo grew up together. They were always there for each other. Tragedy begins when Song Joo begins his studies overseas without Jung-suh. Jung-suh's father remarries Tae Mira. Mira takes in her two children from a previous marriage, Tae-hwa and Yuri. Yuri is envious of the life that Jung-suh leads and is determined to take everything away from her, including Song-joo. Tae-hwa begins to develop feelings for his stepsister, however Jung-suh still loves Song-joo. Five years later, tragedy occurs when Jung-suh gets into a car accident causing her to lose her memory. Together with Tae-hwa, they start anew. Song-joo is led to believe that she is dead. However, when they meet again one day, he is determined to remind her of the love they had for one another. When fate finally seemed to be on their side, Jung-suh is diagnosed with eye cancer.

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Emily said...

never thought another kdrama could make me cry more than autumn in my heart but this did. one of my more memorable dramas i thoroughly enjoyed. as for the ending...well ive come to expect nothing else.