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Shomuni 2

Shomuni 2 (2000)
Japanese Drama

Esumi Makiko - Tsuboi Chinatsu
Kyono Kotomi - Tsukuhara Sawako
Sakurai Atsuko - Miyashita Kana
Hosho Mai - Maruhashi Ume
Toda Naho - Sugita Misono
Takahashi Yumiko - Himukai Rie

Genre: Comedy

Episodes: 11

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Summary: Shomuni 2 is a sequel from Shomuni, a popular comedic drama serial. It continues where it left off when the female employees from GA-2, deemed "the graveyard of all female employees" for its inane daily job routines of changing light bulbs, used toilet rolls and organising flower appreciation nights, saved the company in the final episode of Shomuni.

However, Manpan Corporation has changed. The multi-national company is now run in a totalitarian fashion. Closed circuit cameras are placed in every nook and cranny of the company to monitor the daily routines of employees. Even the basins in the toilets are not spared (though, obviously, the cubicles are) from scrutiny. This is a result of the Personnel Department, led by the evil Terasaki and Nonomura, who are (again) seeking to find a reason to save up on company budget.

GA-2 was dissolved before the start of the first episode, and its employees were out-sourced to other subsidiary companies. Tokunaga Azusa, the oldest (and only one single married) female employee in GA-2, is working as a caddy at a golf club. Maruhashi Ume, the most ambitious member of GA-2, works at a fast food joint. Miyashita Kana, the "company executive killer", is an interior garden designer at a tycoon's house. Tsukahara Sawako, the most incompetent of GA-2 employees, is now a traffic warden for a construction firm. Himukai Rie, the part-time fortune teller, now works at a bridal shop, and finally, Tsuboi Chinatsu, the "de facto" leader of GA-2, is now working at a fish market.

GA-2 Section Chief Inoue is the only member from GA-2 still working at Manpan, but he has been posted to a mundane office job and is due to retire in an Early Retirement Scheme.

The Personnel Department, well aware of the vicious backlash the new totalitarian measures have generated, decide to pass all the 'credit' to Kamiya, a naive and enthusiastic university undergraduate. He becomes a pariah to the company in the eyes of every one of his co-workers, and he cannot understand why.

While inviting the employees of GA-2 for his farewell party, Inoue speaks of the current situation in Manpan to the GA-2 employees. They are shocked at the way things have become at Manpan, and, to true GA-2 nature, it is not the company that they are interested in. The GA-2 employees hatch a plan to make the executives (advised by the Personnel Department) take back all of the measures initiated, as well as all of the employees that they have out-sourced.

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