Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blade Heart

Blade Heart (2004)
Chinese Drama

Adam Cheng - Ling Fung/Yu Man Fung
Liza Wang - Tong Bik/Wong Fu Yan
Raymond Lam - Mang Lui
Shirley Yeung - Wong Yee

Genre: Period, ?

Episodes: ?

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Summary: Due to a Prestigious General Chik Gei-Kwong managing the Human Resources Dept. of the army, a strong country and army, fraud and extortion, and corruption all become a crux of struggle between officials in the royal court. Si-Ma Shun turns towards East Factory's power for support and Shum An accepts his duty to look after Si-ma Shun but he often violates his duty to advise Tong Bik. Yet, Tong Bik thinks Shum An is one of the evil official of the royal court so she doesn't care to associate with him, and shum An can only endure this poignant treatment. Simultaneously, Shum An finds out from Si-Ma Shun that Si-Ma Yi did not put poison on his sword in that competition incident, so Shum An realizes he has wrongfully accused his good friend all these years. Meanwhile, Si-Ma Yi rescues Chik Gei-Kwong and offends East Factory, thus Shum An is suppose to arrest Si-Ma Yi to give Cheung Shing an explanation. In the end, Si-ma Shun's head is used to replace Si-ma Yi's head, and Si-ma Yi's life thus saved.

Cheung Kui-Ching dies so Chik Gei-Kwong loses his power in the royal court while East Factory has all the advantage. Cheung Shing directs his attention to the Tong Family, compelling Tong Bik to disclose the secret of "Fire Crow". In order to save his beloved wife, Shum An brazenly opposes Cheung Shing. For honor and country's benefit, Shum An, Tong Bik and Si-Ma Yi appease with one another, joining together to combat evil forces.

In the end, all conspiracies and evil are destroyed by honor and benevolence. Heroes' blood spill and the world becomes a lovable place.

~All Information taken from crunchyroll and DramaWiki~

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