Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Proud Twins

The Proud Twins (2005)
Taiwanese Drama

Director: Wong Jing

Dicky Cheung - Xiao Yu Er
Nicholas Tse - Hua Wu Que
Fan Bing Bing - Tie Xin Lan
Yuan Quan - Su Ying

Genre: Comedy

Episodes: 45


Summary: Famous movie director Wong Jing adapts the classic sword and martial arts epic by Gu Long into a TV series, with Hong Kong pop idol Nicholas Tse and comedy star Dicky Cheung playing the legendary twin brothers separated at birth and trained by rival kung fu masters. They meet again 18 years later with no knowledge of their identities and become friends, but their stepfather's rivalry force them to be foes. When a conspiracy to take over the martial arts world emerges, however, the brothers must unite to defeat the invincible enemy

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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