Saturday, January 6, 2007


Brand (2000)
Japanese Drama

Imai Miki - Kawashima Midori
Yoshida Eisaku - Horiguchi Kazuhito

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 11

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Summary: Midori, a fashion industry executive who is dedicated to her job but beginning to wonder if she is not missing something in life. Company colleague and former lover Horiguchi Kazuhito suggests she needs a husband and children and appears ready to take on the assignment. But Imai insists it is a deeper, more internal question like: "Why was I born and what am I supposed to do in this life?" Little does she know she is about to meet Koichiro, the heir to a tea ceremony empire and a young man who has had all those questions answered for him since birth.

The young son of a famous Japanese tea family returns to Japan after several years abroad only to deny inheritance of the family business to work at a famous clothing company called "Dior." After falling in love with a much older woman who works at the clothing company, he finds himself after trying out other lines of work.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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Anonymous said...

Hi! i chanced upon your website and it said you were uploading this drama. i've been looking for this drama for a very long time and i can't seem to find it in shops and there's no where that uploaded it online except your site. i was elated to find it only to know that the youtube site had an invalid id. i was wondering how is it possible for me to watch the show. i'm really grateful to know that you've uploaded the show!