Thursday, January 4, 2007

My Lovely Sam Soon aka My Name is Kim Sam Soon

My Lovely Sam Soon (2005)
Korean Drama

Director: Kim Yoon Chul

Kim Sun Ah - Kim Sam Soon
Hyun Bin - Hyun Jin Heon
Jung Ryu Won - Yoo Hee Jin
Daniel Henny - Dr. Henry Kim

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Episodes: 16

Veoh (You have to pay for it)

: This is one drama worth watching as it tells the Cinderella story of a 29 year old who eventually fulfils her dreams and finds her prince.

Kim Sam-soon, a plain and chubby girl with a tendency to eat food when she becomes stressed is dumped by her boyfriend on Christmas Eve! After being fired for missing work on Christmas Eve, she is out on a job interview and has a run-in with Hyun Jin-heon who owns a restaurant and ends up becoming his restaurant's patissier. A series of events leads Sam-soon to agree to pretend to be Jin-heon's girlfriend. Unfortunately, Sam-soon really falls for Jin-heon and when Jin-heon's ex-girlfriend returns to rekindle their relationship, Sam-soon finds herself fighting for his heart.....

~All information taken from DramaWiki~


Tiffiany_45 said...

This is the best Korean drama. It is written wonderfully and acted even better. Kim Sun Ah is fastastic, Hyun Bun is a complete heartthrob, Jung Ryu Won plays the prefect adversary, and Daniel Henny will make your blood pressure rise. It is perfect ensamble cast with the perfect script. You HAVE to watch this drama.

Emily said...

i agree this is a drama that u just cant miss out on. the story and situation of kim sun ah is very unique and the love story is so damn cute! hyun bin and daniel henney alone make this worth watching but once u do ul be hooked till the end!

Anonymous said...

everyone said that when u watch korean drama, u must never miss this drama as its one of the best...

so i did watch it recently... conclusion: it was ok... i'm curious if handsome guys would actually fall for a bit chubby girl? maybe they do... Kim Sun Ah - (Kim Sam Soon) was 7 years older than Hyun Bin - (Hyun Jin Heon) in reality, so it must be a bit tough for Hyun Bin when it comes to the kissing scenes..

but this drama won top award for the year it was produced, so just like My Girl, its a drama worth watching...

*coffee Prince rules*
hehe - cheers

hope by now Daniel H should be able to speak better Korean by now.. its been what 3 years since this drama was made?