Thursday, January 4, 2007

A Love to Kill

A Love to Kill (2005)
Korean Drama

Director: Kim Kyu Tae

Bi/ Rain - Kang Bok Ku
Shin Min Ah - Cha Eun Suk
Kim Sa Rang - Han Da Jung
Lee Ki Woo - Kim Joon Sung
Kim Young Jae - Kang Min Joo

Genre: Romance, Tragedy, Drama

Episodes: 16

Playlist COMPLETE and PUBLIC as of Oct. 10, 2006

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: Kang Min-joo was more than a brother to his younger brother Bok-gu. They came from a dysfunctional family where his father was invovled in gangster crimes and thus their mother left them. 10 years ago, however, Kang Min-joo ran away. Bok-Gu now lives his life stealing and threatening people to give him money with his girlfriend(he eventually stops because he is too "kind hearted").Kang Bok-ku finally reunites with his brother Kang Min-joo after 10 years. The joy is cut short as Min-joo steps off the guardrail of his house while reaching toward the face of Cha Eun-suk on an electronic billboard with the announcement of her engagement to a rich heir. He becomes a human vegetable as a result of the suicidal fall and Kang Bok-ku wants vegeance when he realizes that Cha Eun-suk and his brother were lovers prior to her becoming a top movie star. His plan is make Cha Eun-suk suffer the same agony that his older brother did. To be closer to Eun-suk, Bok-ku changes his job from a K-1 fighter to her body guard and plots his revenge. His plot is to make her fall in love with him and suffer the same loss that he did by repeating the tenderness and special memories that Min-joo and Eun-suk shared. As time goes by, Bok-ku is drawn to Eun-suk and he is agonized by the struggle between love and his duty for revenge.

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Tiffiany_45 said...

WOW! This isn't a drama, but an epic long movie. It was beautifully shot and wonderfully acted. I actually felt my soul ache while watching it. Even if you don't like the storyline, the beauty and quality of the cinemtagraphy and directing will entice you. This is in my top 5 dramas of all time.

asiandramalover said...

hey wanted to know is the ending worth watching this whole drama for. cuz if it has a bad ending i am going to be depressed for weeks until i watch something better. plz let me know. just post ur ans on ur page i have ur page bookmarked so i will know the ans!!

Tiffiany_45 said...

It's not just the ending that is depressing. THE WHOLE THING IS TRAGIC THE ENTIRE TIME! Just one bad thing happens right after another.

The beauty is eventhough all of these horrible things are going on around them, and to them, and because of them they still fall in love. But even that is not enough.

Also, Bi and Shin Min Ah did MARVELOUS jobs. I've never been so moved by an Asian drama performance. If you feel like crying and loving and hating the characters at the same time this is the drama for you!

In the future, e-mail me at or message me at my YouTube account (or any other ones that are posted on the left)if you have any questions! However, asking them this way is fine too!

Emily said...

i gave this a try only cos of rain acting in it. but i found this soo difficult to finish, it was slow paced, draggy, dark and depressing. fell asleep during an ep so many times, and the story was terrible. had to force myself to get to the end and i was so disappointed at the ending. it was utter rubbish!

Anonymous said...

I liked this drama and recommend it to any drama lover, for those who want to download the whole series with English subtitles visit for free direct downloads!