Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wind and Cloud II

Wind and Cloud II (2004)
Chinese Drama

Zhao Wen Zhuo - Wind
Peter Ho - Cloud
Huang Yi - Dream
Chen Yi Rong - Muse
Chen Guan Lin - Duan Lang
Sun Xing - Lord Conqueror

Genre: Period Drama, Action, Fantasy

Episodes: 30

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Summary: Wind and Cloud have defeated Lord Conquer. Wind drinks himself into a stupor pining for his wife, Dream, who's long dead. Cloud lives a life of seclusion with his wife, Muse, and their child. Both of them no longer want anything to do with the Martial Arts world.

A stranger wearing an ice mask appears before Wind and Cloud. He wants them to continue to develop their martial arts instead of retiring to their peaceful lives. The stranger then proceeds to complicate and destroy the two sworn brothers' lives. Can Wind and Cloud unite once again to defeat the stranger's nefarious plans or will they forever be puppets of the the stranger wearing an ice mask?

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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