Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Split Second

Split Second (2004)
Chinese Drama

Alex Fong Chung Sun - Fung Chi Wai
Patrick Tam - Yeung Kai Dong
Kevin Cheng - Wong Ka Fai
Marco Ngai - Hao Mun Wa
Yoyo Mung - Pang Wai

Genre: Police Drama

Episodes: 30

Playlist (cr)

: Basically, the whole series happened within thirty days, one day per episode. This series centred on three cops: Fung Chi Wai, Vincent, and Ah Tung. It began on April 1st, 2004. The attempted assassination of the appointed Chief Police Officer, Wong Jung Yeung, was the outbreak of the main plot of the story. Fung Chi Wai was the West Kowloon police officer who fell in love with Hao Mun Wa’s girlfriend, Peng Wei. Vincent only had thirty days to live due to brain cancer, which was at its terminal stage. He tried to accomplish his task of arresting Hao Mun Wa within thirty days. Ah Tung was a police undercover staying inside Hao Mun Wa’s coterie.

~All information taken from Spcnet and DramaWiki~

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