Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising (2007)
Chinese Drama

Sunny Chan - Yin Leung
Louisa So - Yim Pui Wu
Leila Tong - So Fei
Crystal Tin - Kong Lai Nga
Ben Wong - Cheung Chi Hoi
Nancy Wu - Yip Chi San

Genre: Romantic Drama

Episodes: 20

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Summary: Crystal, Louisa, and Leila are sisters, their parent's died at birth, the three of them were sent to orphanages, and were later adopted to 3 different homes with different backgrounds. Louisa was sent to prison for killing her stepmother, but Crystal wanting to save her sister told officials that she was the one who committed the crime, and went to prison instead. Leila is a very nice person, to save Crystal forges evidence but gets caught and gets sent to jail too. The 3 and the Jail owner have some hostilities, and thus the jail owner wants revenge, making Crystal and Leila drink soap.This series uses women in jail as its storyline, describing the dark side of women in prison. In the series, Crystal Lin and Leila Tong are sent to prison, living in harsh conditions, because they accidentally got one of the jail owners mad, he forced both to drink soap water, will the two ladies survive?

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Anonymous said...


If there was ever a drama out there that emphasizes on the phrase: "Nice guys (Or in this case 'girls') finish last", this drama would be it. A very heart-breaking and suspenseful series all leading up to an ultimately morbid ending.

Sophie was the most innocent of all the characters in this series. It's a shame that such a beautiful plot with her and her love interest had to come to such an abrupt end. In my opinion, it was a very unfortunately waste of character development.