Thursday, October 18, 2007

M no Higeki

M no Higeki (2005)
Japanese Drama

Inagaki Goro - Andou Mamoru
Hasegawa Kyoko - Aihara Misa
Sasaki Kuranosuke - Kubo Akira
Okamoto Aya - Shimatani Yuki
Yoshioka Miho - Nakanishi Hitomi
Kashiwabara Shuji - Aihara Wataru

Genre: Mystery

Episodes: 10

Playlist (cr)

Summary: Why do you hate me? Who are you?

When Mamoru Ando was young, he encountered a burglar in his house. The fear of that moment became a major theme in his life, leading to him joining a security firm. His heightened sense of danger avoidance saw him promoted early. With his engagement to Yuki, the daughter of company director Shimaya, fast approaching, he is at the peak of happiness. However on the train on the way to an important business meeting, he meets a women dressed for mourning and finds himself in all sorts of trouble. The woman's name is Misa Aihara. Mamoru doesn't remember her, but Misa bears a considerable grudge against him. From that moment on, Mamoru's life begins a noisy collapse.

According the producer Hideki Isano, he wanted to show how we can hurt others without realizing and how because of that how some people live only to hate. He wanted to show the sadness of such a life. Both Mamoru and Misa's names begin with M, as does "memory" which is a keyword in this drama. One day suddenly the curtain falls on a tragedy.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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