Thursday, October 18, 2007

Land of Wealth

Land of Wealth (2006)
Chinese Drama

John Chiang
Tavia Yeung
Sonija Kwok - Ba Ba Ha Yi Go Wah
Moses Chan - Chan Bak Choon/Fian Chi Chan
Chung King Fai

Genre: Period Drama

Episodes: 32

Playlist (cr)

Summary: Chan Bak Choon (Moses Chan) is the son of a person who works for the country, his dad is the person who looks after the money of the country's in the kingdom. However ever since he was young, he was sent away to live in a temple as his grandmother believed that he is bad luck to the family and that he would only be only to return after a certain amount of years. Bak Choon is now a grown up man and he misses his family so he decides to return without the permission of his supersticious grandmother. However not long after his return, his father is wrongly accused of stealing money from the bank by a group of government officials who in fact themselves were the culprits. Their family is sentenced to death including Bak Choon. However, one of Bak Choon's loyal servants decides to switch places with them so that their family name will live on. After witnessing the death of his family, Bak Choon has no choice but to live on. He changes his name as he is now considered as a criminal and he eventually meets 2 mongolians Ba Ba Ha Yi Go Wah (Sonja Kwok) Fu Yee Chek (Wong Ka Lok) and a wealthy bank manager (John Chiang). From here, Bak Choon starts a new life and comes across many difficulties working at the bank as he hopes that one day, he can clear his family name and restore his original identity.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~


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