Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Honour and Passion

Honour and Passion (2007)
Singaporean Drama

Cast: Huang Wen Yong - Bao Pengju
Tay Ping Hui - Bao Wenjing
Bryan Wang - Bao Wenzhong
Rui En - Bao Wenwei

Genre: Romance, Army

Episodes: 20

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Summary: A chance encounter with Ouyang Peipei (Felicia Chin) at the swimming pool, a Captain and an instructor with the School of Artillery, leaves Wenjing infatuated with her. He tries to strike a conversation when he meets her at a familiarization course later on, but his ‘coolness’ acts up.

While doing research for the advertisement, Wenwei gets to know female army office Ouyang Peipei. During her interaction with Peipei, Wenwei discovers that Peipei is intricately linked with two of her brothers: Wenjing and Peipei were acquainted during their military training, while Wenzhong and Peipei were secondary school classmates. The very feminine Peipei is the dream lover of many men. Wenjing is merely one of many who have fallen for her. Wenjing wishes to try and win her affection, but every time he comes close to her, his mind turns blank and he is rendered tongue-tied again. This, to Peipei, is a sign of weakness and she forms a bad impression of Wenjing. Touched by Wenjing’s sincerity, she decides to give him a chance and goes on dates with him, but realises that there are considerable differences between them.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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DarKScoRpioN said...

Felicia Chin absolutely rocks. She is one of the best actress in the industry. Certainly hope to see her in more mediacorp productions. Check out some beautiful scans.