Thursday, October 18, 2007

Enka no Joou

Enka no Joou (2007)
Japanese Drama

Amami Yuki - Ookochi Himawari
Harada Taizo - Tamaru Hitoshi
Sakai Wakana - Ichijo Masami
Narumi Riko - Gomi Sadako
Kikawada Masaya - Nobutomo Katsuya

Genre: Comedy

Episodes: 10

Playlist (cr)

Summary: Himawari is an unsuccessful 39-year-old enka singer who has bad luck with men and money. Born into an Osaka takoyaki shop, the young Himawari was inspired by her father's words to immerse herself in enka. At the age of 13 her father disappears and her mother, bitter over the husband that left her, remarries--but Himawari has trouble adjusting to a new father and brother. With her father's words in her head--"You're the #1 singer in all of Japan!"--Himawari immediately heads to Tokyo after high school and makes her debut as an enka singer.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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