Sunday, July 8, 2007

Witness to a Prosecution

Witness to a Prosecution (1999)
Chinese Drama

Jessica Hsuan - Tong Si
BobbyAu Yeung - Sung Chee
Frankie Lam - Fong Jun

Genre: Courtroom Drama

Episodes: ?

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Summary: Bobby has a flashback to when he wasn't famous and how he was growing up. Bobby's name is Sung Chee, nicknamed "coffin boy" because he was born in a coffin. The villagers hate him and tease him. Bobby only has a two friends, Sit Dan (Michael Tse) and Siu Chun (?). Sit Dan is a poor scholar who is studying to take his examinations and Siu Chun is a strong but gullible person. Bobby works as the night gong ringer so people say he is a curse and bad luck. The villagers don�t allow Bobby to show up in the day. Bobby just turned 30 and, according to tradition, he should get a plot of land that was given to "Sung males." The mayor refuses because Bobby wasn't considered a "Sung." The mayor confiscates Bobby's mother's grave so Bobby gets into an argument with him. Jessica plays a cunning beggar who loves to steal stuff and get into trouble. She gets entangled in the fight when she tried to find her necklace. At that moment, Frankie's parents see the fight and leave out of fear. The mayor is found dead and Bobby is arrested.

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