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Toshishita No Otoko aka Younger Men

Toshishita No Otoko (2003)
Japanese Drama

Inamori Izumi - Yamaguchi Chikako
Takahashi Katsunori - Izaki Shun
Fubuki Jun - Yamaguchi Hanae
Kashu Toshiki - Tsuji Kengo
Asou Yumi - Tamai Azusa
Hoshino Mari - Kitamura Asami

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 11

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Summary: Yamaguchi Chikako (30) is a woman who's longing for love and marriage. Because of her 30 years of age, she's finding it more difficult to find a man who will marry her. Her brother Taku (22), who's still attending law school, hangs out with his best friend Kengo (22) and his girlfriend Asami (19). Kengo is in love with Chikako, but she keeps turning him down (who would want to date a man eight years her junior?)

Hanae (51), Chikako's mother, is also looking for love, seeing she's not getting it from her husband Mitsuru (51). With both Chikako and Taku grown up and basically self-sufficient, Hanae finds herself alone, "over the hill" and un-attractive.

Within the first episode alone, the entire storyline is set in place. At the local gym, Chikako meets up with Izaki Shun (43), an advertising executive. Right out of the gate, she's in love with Shun. Outside of the gym, she asks Shun to marry her. Shun immediately responds her with a NO. He didn't even think about it!

The next day, Shun visits a bento shop, where he runs into Hanae. Hanae manages the shop. Shun is intriqued by Hanae, so he asks her out to dinner. A bowl of shark fin soup for dinner at a fancy restaurant, and by the end of the night she's counting ceiling tiles.

What makes the story interesting is that Hanae has no knowledge of Chikako's relationship with Shun, and Chikako doesn't know that Hanae is having an affair with Shun. But like other Japanese dramas, a town is only so small, right?

Toshishita no Otoko is about older women who are seeking purpose in their lives. The series is also about a family of four who each keep even the darkest of secrets to themselves, while living under the same roof. When the truth about everything finally surfaces, it's like the old saying: When it rains, it pours!

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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Anonymous said...

this drama is pretty good. like every jdrama it is kinda slow but it has meaning to it. i totally agree that life is unpredictable and it can happens at any stages of life