Friday, June 8, 2007

Street Fighters

Street Fighters (2000)
Chinese Drama

Hacken Lee - Yeung Tai Bo
Edmond Leung - Wong Man Dik
Michelle Yip - Ho Hei
Wong Shuk Yee - Chan Fung Ying

Genre: Action

Episodes: ?

Playlist Currently Uploading PRIVATELY as of June 8, 2007 (cr)

Summary: This story is about a young man named Yeung Tai Bo who when a little child, was captured by bad person but luckily escaped into the streets. Then he was adopted by Yeung Hap Yik and grew up in Temple Street.

One day a lady called Chan Fung Ying saw Tai Bo and thought he was her son. This was very complicated because she thought she had that feeling deep inside her heart and felt 100% sure. Fung Ying's son named Wong Man Dik recently had an argument with Tai Bo, so they were not very fond of each other causing some complications.

Tai Bo lived with his many godbrothers and sisters and was very happy, but he had fallen for his sister Ho Hei. One day Ho Hei and Man Dik met by accident and Ho Hei fell for Man Dik. Man Dik apparently had confessed his love for her in an e-mail. This e-mail was sent to Man Dik by Tai Bo's godbrothers and sisters who wanted to help him out, but Ho Hei had mistaken that it was sent by Man Dik! As Ho Hei told Tai Bo she had fallen for Man Dik, Tai Bo's heart was crushed. He decided to hide his feelings. After Ho Hei and Man Dik had been dating for quite some time, Ho Hei found out Tai Bo's feelings for her and she found it difficult to choose between the two brothers. She was confused over her feelings for them.

Another person in Temple Street named Yiu Chi Wai had a son named Chun Kit. He was very proud and happy about his son. But Kit caused many problems for Temple Street's people behind his dad's back. Tai Bo and Man Dik had to join up together to stop Kit because he had also captured Ho Hei. They decided to work as a team to help Temple
Street before it was too late... The questions lie in our heads.. is Tai Bo actually Fung Ying's real son? Who will Ho Hei choose to be with? Can the two brothers save Temple Street before it is much too later?

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