Friday, June 22, 2007


Feelings (1994)
Korean Drama

Son Ji Chang
Kim Min Jong
Lee Jung Jae
Lee Bon

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Episodes: ?

Playlist Currently Uploading PRIVATELY as of June 22, 2007 (Veoh)

Summary: The story revolves around the three Han brothers -- twins Bin (Son Ji Chang) and Hyun (Kim Min Jong) and their younger brother Joon (Lee Jung Jae), who are all college students. Bin is popular, has lots of friends, and well-liked. He'd play the field more if not for his on-off kinda-girlfriend Hye Rin (Lee Bon). Hyun is studious, aloof, and serious. And Joon is irresponsible, mischievous, athletic, and constantly getting himself into scrapes. This light-hearted romantic comedy gets a kick in the pants when the daughter of a family friend Yuri, comes to stay for the summer, and shakes up the brotherly relationship as each of the brothers starts to fall for her, in different ways...

~All info taken from Veoh~

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