Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cheap Love

Cheap Love (1999)
Japanese Drama

Sorimachi Takashi - Yanase Junichi
Tsuruta Mayu - Kotozuka Nanami
Sawamura Ikki - Manabe Katsuaki
Yoshizawa Yuu - Kagaya Ryo
Kurosaka Mami - Aoyama Juri
Shigemori Ayumi - Kano Ayumi

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 10

Playlist COMPLETE and PRIVATE as of June 16, 2007 (cr)

Summary: Junichi is a scout recruiting girls for work in night clubs; but in contrast to what he does, he is actually a sentimental person at heart. Nanami, who is a music teacher at a junior high school, wishes that something would happen to change the course of her ordinary life. Being from a high-class family and having committed to an arranged marriage with a government official, she and the street smart Junichi are from two different worlds. Their initial meetings always ended in disdain for the other, but when Junichi helps her find some sheets of music precious to her, she begins to think that he could change her life. Although it goes against everything that her upbringing has taught her, Nanami decides to give him a chance.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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