Friday, May 11, 2007

To Get Unstuck in Time

To Get Unstuck in Time (2004)
Chinese Drama

Roger Kwok - Ho Tin Gwong
Flora Chan - Go San
Hui Siu Hung - Ho Dai Hor
Kiki Sheung - Mon Jer

Genre: Crime Drama

Episodes: ?

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Summary: Time travel has always been a popular topic among fiction, and recently it has been successful in creating hits. The storyline has heavy influences from the American movie Frequency, perhaps some Butterfly Effect, and reminds me of the countless movies using this idea such as the Korean hits, Ditto and Il Mare. Here it freshens it up an overused concept by combining crime/detective stories with time travel. Despite the lack of style seen in other works of this genre, To Get Unstuck in Time has an amazing script carried out by a chemistry-packed cast. Even if you can't make sense of some parts of the story, this series is a must see.

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