Sunday, May 20, 2007

Love Concierge

Love Concierge (2005)
Singaporean Drama

Jacelyn Tay - Jiang Bu Yi
Alex To - Lance
Thomas Ong - Qian Jie Kuan
Nancy Sit - Xie Jiao Mei
Zhu Hou Ren - Sen Miao
Zhang Yao Dong - Sunny
Ann Kok - Ru Qing

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 30

Playlist Currently Uploading PRIVATEY as of May 20, 2007 (cr)

Summary: Jiang Ru Yi, a careless and mistake-prone wedding planner, is often bickering with a dissolute photographer Lance. The extent of her fumbling ways even almost ruins a wedding in France! Fortunately, everything turns out all right when university student Qian Jie Kuan helps her out. Ru Yi leaves a deep impression on Jie Kuan as a girl who still believes in the beauty of marriage and the perfect wedding.

Ru Yi’s mother Xie Jiao Mei runs a bridal boutique, complementing her daughter’s business to a tee. Their neighbours next door are a pair of father and son, Guo Sen Miao and Sunny. The senior man is a fengshui/geomancy master, traditional and stubborn in nature. He believes that he jinxed his wife and her death has left him in deep confusion and despair. He and Jiao Mei are constantly at loggerheads and always try to outdo each other in terms of fengshui practices.

Ru Yi attends a cooking class at a hotel and runs into Jie Kuan again. She mistakes him for one of the hotel staff where in fact, he’s the scion of a wealthy hotelier. Ru Yi is grateful to him for having helped her so many times. The two start to develop feelings for each other. However, Jie Kuan is indecisive when it comes to matters of the heart and takes no action to express his feelings. Ru Yi, ever in pursuit of perfection, is unaware of Jie Kuan’s true identity and mistakes him as unstable and not career-minded, thus making him someone she cannot entrust her future with.

Jiao Mei’s second daughter Ru Qing is a television artiste who adores flaunting and showing off. For publicity’s sake, she agrees to a staged wedding followed by a divorce with a male artiste. Ru Yi plans an extravagant wedding for her with many sponsors jumping on the advertising opportunity. However, the male artiste changes his mind and refuses to go through with the ceremony. Unable to fulfill the contracts with the sponsors, Ru Qing risks paying sky-high compensations. Jiao Mei and Ru Yi hurry to get her out of the sticky situation, which was eventually settled with Jie Kuan’s help on the sly.

~All information taken from Mediacorp TV~

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