Friday, May 25, 2007

H.I.T. (Homicide Investigation Team)

H.I.T. (2007)
Korean Drama

Ko Hyun Jung - Cha Soo Kyung
Ha Jung Min - Kim Jae Yoon
Kim Jung Min - Kim Young Doo
Yoon Ji Min - Jung In Hee

Genre: Action, Investigation

Episodes: 20

Playlist Currently Uploading PRIVATELY as of May 25, 2007 (cr)

Playlist 2 (Veoh)

: Cha Soo Kyung is righteous and powerful detective collaborating with the new prosecutor, Kim Jae Yoon. This “professional drama” portrays the real life of a detective fighting alone to catch serial killers and criminals.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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Tina said...

H.I.T. Rules! It is so cool! It teaches me how to stand up for my rights and start attacking boys with words which will outsmart them. Cha Soo Gyeong is wicked(in a good way) and is my heroine. Out of all the Korean Dramas i've watched, H.I.T.would have to be the best! It also shows me how i can express my love to someone i adore. H.I.T. is adventurous and has homicide in it which i like about it. In my recent excursion to the walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, i experienced more feelings and courage after previously watching the movie the night before. I talked about homicide and kept on saying 'homicide' to my friend and she got annoyed. I still do it now these days. Every night i dream about it and watch some episodes by computer. I wish i could meet the actress of Cha Soo Gyeong and could see the drama over and over again. Even if i kept watching it i wouldn't get sick of it! I wish i had pictures of the H.I.T. members,etc, and had autographs signed by them!!!!!!!!!!! I really want the album of the songs in the drama, H.I.T.! I love the drama that i could rate it 100/100! It is even better than Harry Potter and other dramas! Even High Kick! To me. No offence to the oher dramas and movies.