Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dragon Love

Dragon Love (1999)
Chinese Drama

Benny Chan - Yip Hei
Fennie Yuen - Siu Yu
Chin Ka Lok - Yip Chu/Chow Chu
Nicola Cheung - Princess Sun Yuet

Genre: Fantasy, Ancient

Episodes: 20

Playlist COMPLETE and PRIVATE as of May 16, 2007 (cr)

Summary: Benny's father is a highly regarded advisor of the King while Chin Kar Lok's father is a famous general. One day, Chin Kar Lok's father decided that he would go out and kill all the dragons (well, that was the impression I got from the series anyway). Benny's father objected to the idea of killing dragons, therefore, caused Chin Kar Lok's father to feel hatred towards him. He decided to resign and took his family away. One day, the Sea Dragon King, a very arrogant and hot-tempered man, came to his house and after a chess game, the Sea Dragon King wanted to form a friendship. However, knowing his true identity, Benny's father refused. While he was at the house of Benny's family, he forgot his duty to make rain and lightning. Therefore, his wife played by Jojo, who was pregnant, had to make rain and was injured by Chin Kar Lok's father. Benny's father saved Jojo. Therefore, the Sea Dragon King wanted to make a pact that their children would be married. Meanwhile, Chin Kar Lok's father had found out the house and was determined to kill the dragons. This enraged the Dragon King therefore, he nearly destroyed the whole city. Chin Kar Lok's mother died in the chaos. He and his sister, accidentally, were brought up by Benny's mother.

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