Sunday, April 29, 2007

Making Miracles

Making Miracles (2007)
Singaporean Drama

Fann Wong - Liu Shuyan
Daren Lim - Gao Zhengbang
Joanne Peh - Li Xiaoman
Terence Cao - Wen Jieren

Genre: Romanitic, Hospital Drama

Episodes: 20

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Summary: Surgeon Gao Zhengbang (Darren Lim) of Yikang Hospital performs a complicated surgery to re-attach the severed palm of a patient who was involved in a gang fight. Zhou Xiwen (Constance Song), who runs the financial and human resource aspects of the hospital, raises objections for fear of the patient being unable to bear the high medical cost. The surgery takes place smoothly only with the full support of hospital Director Liang Zhongmian.

At the same time, a child with Systemic Lupus Erthematosus (SLE) also arrives at the hospital with related complications. His doctor, paediatrician Liu Shuyan (Fann Wong) wants to keep him in the hospital under observation. Unfortunately, the child, who is brought up by his grandmother, cannot afford the fees and has to leave the hospital despite his critical condition. Shuyan and Xiwen come to a clash over the case as a result.

Xiwen builds up the media hype following Zhengbang’s successful palm re-attachment surgery. Zhengbang is not keen to be in the limelight. Instead, he focuses his attention on Shuyan who has been in jitters over the well-being of the SLE patient. Zhengbang has always held a torch for Shuyan. Though Shuyan repeatedly emphasizes that he is not the one for her, Zhengbang simply refuses to give up.

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