Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Kid from Heaven

The Kid from Heaven (2006)
Taiwanese Drama

Lee Wei - Zhang Xing He
Chen Yi Rong - He Hai Yun
Wang Zheng Wei - Zhang Hai Xing
Gao Yi Xiang - Luo Yi Xiang

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 32

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: They were young and madly in love. So they eloped. Soon, they were expecting their first child. However, the closer to her due date, the worse their marriage became. She finally called it quit when she found him cheating. She returned to her father's house and gave birth to her son, who died soon after birth. Disillusioned, she left with her father to the America and cut off all contact with her husband and friends.

Years later, she returned with a fiancé. She went by another name and another past. She denied ever knowing them. Until, she met her beautiful and energetic son.

Her father had lied to her. Her son wasn't dead. Her friends had lied to her. Her husband wasn't cheating. If they were only lies, then how should she faced herself for abandoning her child and the man she had loved? What about her fiancé?

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Anonymous said...


Seem like Lee Wei doesn't famous at all.
Dun Worry... Your star will bright soon enough.
This drama is great.
Lee Wei's acting is pure great.
Everybody should watch this drama.

I Love Lee Wei.

Anonymous said...

I love Lee Wei.
Oh yeah.. I had dream about him.
Since then i'm start to find out anything about him.
I even wrote a diary title: "Fall in love to the movie star: Lee Wei".
Haha... crazy mind but i do really wanna to meet him up and wanna ask him some question.

Yeap.. But it's kinda impossible.
He even din read this blog.
Nvm, i'm just wanna spell my deep feeling out.

Lee Wei love you and Rock!!
Please be success...!!