Saturday, April 21, 2007

Heroes in Black

Heroes in Black (2001)
Singaporean Drama

Fann Wong - Liu Feiyan
Nan Xing Li - Song Dou/Wo Lai Ye
Bobbie Au Yeung - Feng Pobu
Pei-pei Cheng - Mother of Feng Pobu

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Episodes: ?

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Summary: As an officer in a battle, Song Dou witnesses the arrogance and self centered attitudes of the top officials towards their underlings. After the war, as a lowly constable, he resolves to right wrongs. As "Wo Lai Ye", a masked figure in black, he punishes the corrupt, rescues the innocent and redistributes the wealth that he has taken from the rich among the poor. The magistrate and his allies need to keep thinking of different ways in which to capture him as he eludes them. As the masked hero, he rescues Liu Fei Yan, a forthright, outspoken, shrewd young female restaurant entrepreneur.

Song Dou falls in love with Liu Fei Yan, but she only loves "Wo Lai Ye", holding his real self in contempt. His adopted young son keeps their accounts, making sure that everyone who needs help receives it, has to remind him of more practical matters. Feng Pobo, a rich and powerful righteous official from the Capital, visits their city and falls in love with Liu Fei Yan. A conspiracy within the Imperial Family is uncovered as the plot unravels....

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