Sunday, April 29, 2007

Family Matters

Family Matters (2006)
Singaporean Drama

Cast: Thomas Ong - Gao Ming
Ivy Lee - Zhao Shuyang
Terence Cao - Zheng Weilun
Cynthia Koh - Guan Jie'er

Genre: Court Room Drama

Episodes: 20

Playlist COMPLETE and PRIVATE as of Apr. 29, 2007 (cr)

Summary: A group of young layers handles family disputes while trying to cope with their own personal problems.

Zhao Shuyang is a new lawyer. With support from her mentor, Zhang Zhigang, she develops a reputation for being able to close divorce cases quickly. Despite seeing so many marriages in shambles, she still hopes to be happily married herself.

Shuyang's parents were divorced when she was a child, and she was given away to their good friend, Zhigang. She grew up with Zhigang's only son, Weilun. She meets Gao Ming in court.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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