Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Duang Jai Patiharn

Duang Jai Patiharn
Thai Drama




COMPLETE and PUBLIC as of Apr. 18, 2007

Playlist 2

: Techo has been having heart problems since he was a child, therefore everyone around him always nurtured him. After the loss of his parents, Techo was put into the hands of Noppakhun (a loyal servant to Techo's parents). Nop also has a son, Sakarin, who was convinced into becoming a doctor to take care of Techo.

Nop's worries that lies within Techo had completely blinded him from his own family and the feelings of Sakarin, his only son. Though partially not wanting to become a doctor, Sakarin gives in his patience and becomes Techo's private doctor. Techo lives everyday of his life as if there is no tomorrow, with Techo's dangerous life style, Sakarin worries that Techo may not live until a new heart arrives, so he finds a therapy session for Techo. The plan was to introduce Techo to art so it will calm his heart. Sakarin finds Morin, a rookie artist, after she gets fired from her job in Orngard's art gallery.

Morin is a high-spirited person that loves art. Her only relative is her step-brother, Methin/Tua Yai whom she misunderstood to be her true love since he was always there to protect her. After the death of their parents (who were ran over by a drug gangster), Methin sets a goal, to raise money for a youth center, in which kids can come in and learn new things instead of selling drugs for the drug lords. Wanting to help Methin build the youth center, Morin decides to work as Techo's art teacher even though they don't get along. With art, can Morin help soothe Techo's heart? Will Methin's goal in helping those drug selling kids succeed? Will Techo live until a new heart arrives? You'll have to watch for yourself.

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