Saturday, March 24, 2007

Unstoppable High Kick

Unstoppable High Kick (2006)
Korean Drama

Cast: (character names, I believe)
Seo Min Jung
Kim Bum
Seung Hyun
Chan Seong
Kang Yu Min

Genre: Family Sitcom

Episodes: ?

Playlist Currently Uploading PRIVATELY as of Mar. 24, 2007 (cr)

Summary: Lee Sun Jae plays the head of the Lee family and a hospital. He is only a "coward" in front of his first daughter in-law as she had been providing financial support when the hospital was doing poorly.

Shin Ji plays a CM singer who although divorced the second son of the family played by Choi Min Young, she can't break up with him completely because of their child and as they still some feelings for each other as well. They will have a triangle relationship with Seo Min Jung, Min Young's fellow teacher.

Min Young is a teacher at a high school where both his nephews are studying.

~All info taken from soompi forums~


Anonymous said...

is anyone else uploading this drama w/subs?

Anonymous said...

OMG I love this show but i can`t share it with my friends, cus they don`t understand ! Somebody please sub it !

Anonymous said...

i loveee highkick. they have some on youtube but it's not subbed so only koreans can understand... :S

Anonymous said... has some subbed episodes...

Anonymous said...

where can u watch unstoppable high kick???? ive looked vereywhere!!! I CANT FIND IT. its ok if it duznt hav subs, but i stil cant find all the episodes!

Anonymous said...

someone plz thel me where to watch this drama? even its its raw i dont mind

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

go to tudou and search "不可阻挡地 highkick" hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

tudou has complete eps yet no subs

Anonymous said...

DramaFever is putting up all the episodes of Unstoppable High Kick with english subs!