Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hot Tropical Nights in December

Hot Tropical Nights in December (2004)
Korean Drama

Uhm Jung Hwa - Oh Young Shim
Kim Nam Jin - Park Jung Woo
Shin Sung Woo - Dr. Min Ji Hwan
Choi Jung Won - Song Ji Hye
Jung Hye Sun - Choi Kkeut Soon
Jang Yong - Park Tae Bok

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 17

Playlist Currently Uploading PRIVATELY as of Mar. 14, 2007

Playlist 2 (cr)

: A married woman who falls in love with another man, and the young man who tries to seduce her as well as the people who chase after them.

December Fever is the story of a dangerous love affair between a married woman and a dying man. It introduces us to people with double standards and other falsehoods, as well as people who sacrifice themselves for family. In addition, it's a story of a father and his dying son as well as a tale about the conflicts between and their mothers-in-law. It holds a mirror to everyday life with comic and interesting characters.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~


Anonymous said...

I am encountering the same problem I had in the Regatta vids. When I open the link it does not show the playlist instead it shows an empty youtube page. It does not even show the uploader, so I cannot go the uploader page to add him as a friend for his private vids.

Anonymous said...

youtube had a problem. The links are now working properly. thanks.

Anonymous said...

i don't think this drama can be considered as comedy.