Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Fallen Angels I aka Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi

Fallen Angels (2006)
Japanese Drama

Ueto Aya - Komine Nanako
Horikita Maki - Yuna
Matsuyama Kenichi - Shingo
Yamada Yu - Yoshii Nao
Ueno Juri - Ryoko/Ryo-chan

Genre: ?

Episodes: 4

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Episode 1: Celeb
Komine Nanako is working in a courier. When she was a child, her parents had no money,so now she wants some. Every week she sleeps with men to get some money. Every week she becomes a celebrity (using that money), she is a special customer of a select shop, and this is the most important thing to her. For the sake of this "once a week",she can do anything. One day she meets a girl and her view about money changes.

Episode 2: Live Chat
Live chat is a way to connecting with people,there she's called "Yuna" (Horikita Maki). Exchanging words with people that's her job (Note: The first five persons she's talking to are some of Yamada's friends in Densha Otoko). Two years ago,there was an incident. Now she's lonely, doesn't leave her apartment, so she works at home. She can't normally talk to people. Live chat is the only way to interact with others. This virtual world is her everything. And then her life changes...

Episode 3: Actress
Nao's father is a doll maker and wants her to inherit his business. However Nao doesn't want to be making dolls for the rest of her life and ends up getting kicked out of the house and fleeing to Tokyo. This was two years ago. In Tokyo, Nao gets swindled by someone calling himself a talent scout and keeps failing at auditions. She soon falls into debt and tries to survive by working part time at a night club and holding other extra jobs. Nao wants to be an actress, but becomes very impatient and makes a big error. It is something that even her boyfriend Riku must never know. Then one day, the one person in her whole family who approves of Nao's goal of becoming an actress suddenly appears in Tokyo: Her grandfather. But, her old senile grandfather even recognizing her is another story...

Episode 4: Slot
Shimojou Ryoko makes her living by playing slot machines. Abandoned by her parents when she was very young, Ryoko moved from one relationship to another, always seeking permanency and always disappointed. One day she woke up to find a small boy, Kentai, sitting in her room with a note from her boyfriend Kenji. Kenji, a host, asked Ryoko to take care of the boy for a few days. Ryoko, the person who has always wanted to be loved, is about to find out what loving someone is about...

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