Friday, March 30, 2007

Crazy for You

Crazy for You (2007)
Korean Drama

Yoon Kye Sang - Kim Chae Joon
Lee Mi Yun - Suh Jin Young
Kim Eun Joo - Jo Min Hee
Lee Jong Hyuk - Hyun Chul

Genre: Romance, Drama

Episodes: 16

Playlist Currently Uploading PRIVATELY as of Mar. 30, 2007 (cr)

Playlist 2 (Veoh)

Playlist 3

: Suh Jin Young is an aviation maintenance technician and her husband passed away due to a traffic accident. Kim Chae Joon dreams to become an aviation pilot but he encounters an unfortunate accident. Chae Joon goes to prison for accidently killing a man in a car accident. The man happens to be Jin Young's husband. Jin Young and Chae Joon develop a love relationship.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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Anonymous said...

It was alright until everything was revealed. That heroine is seriously mentally unstable. If the hero is feeling that shitty, why not suicide. Dumb shit