Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Step into the Past

A Step into the Past (2001)
Chinese Drama

Louis Koo - Hung Siu Lung
Sonija Kwok - Kam Ching
Jessica Hsuan - Wu Ting Fong
Joyce Tang - Sin Yau

Genre: Period

Episodes: 40

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Summary: The story starts out with the audience getting a glimpse of Louis's bravery and great skills and tactics in controlling an awkward situation. At the same time, the viewer is introduced into Louis's complicated love life, between Sonija and the other guy that Sonija is about to wed. Louis stupidly agrees to participate in an experiment conducted by a crazy physicist- to travel back in time to take a picture of the King of Qin during his coronation ceremony. In return he will get to use this time machine to go back in time and propose to his girlfriend before it was too late. The time machine takes him back too far to a time before the king was crowned so he ventures onto an unexpected journey.

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