Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Shopping Hero aka Two Hand Man

Shopping Hero (2002)
Japanese Drama

Nakamura Shunsuke - Yamada Makoto
Kawahara Ayako - Yuka

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Episodes: 11

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Summary: A story of a shy and quite office worker who by chance became a “masked demonstrator” in a TV shopping program. What happens when his longing lady fell in love with not the real him but the disguised self?

Yamada Makoto works for TV shopping company as a troubleshooter. Although being a quite, shy, and extremely ordinary guy, he one day by chance performs as a “masked demonstrator” in a popular TV shopping program by wearing a superman-like costume. His enthusiastic speech and persuasive demonstration touches the heart of the audience, and not only he becomes a TV hero, he cheers up the people in need of help! A unique comedy love story is here!

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movie forums said...

Not as good movie as I expected it to be.It has weak performances and not a strong story.So from my side a big No to this movie.I don't like this movie.