Sunday, February 18, 2007

Miracle Healer

Miracle Healer (2004)
Chinese Drama

Alyssa Chia - Ti Ying
Zhao Wen Zhuo - Liu Xuan
Gao Yuan Yuan - Qin Zi
Liu Xue Hua - Lu Hou
Lu Xing - Xiang Yun
Zhang Tie Lin - Xing Shan
Yang Rui - Xuan Que

Genre: Period, Romance

Episodes: 40

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Summary: When I first heard about this series, I thought "Oh cool, one of these eh?" I really dislike Vincent Zhao Wen Zhuo who plays the main lead. So, I decided to put off watching this series for a couple of months. One day, I just decided to start watching it because I wanted to give a little bang to my buck lol. I watched the first episode and The comedic parts weren't really my style at first, but it eventually grew on me. This series takes a bit of a sad and slower turn towards the end. Anyways, I continued watching and with every episode I fell more and more in love. Especially with the romance story of Liu Zhang and Ti Ying.

This drama is mainly about Empress Lu Hou, seeking the antidote for everlasting life. She makes General Liu Zhang find this medicine for her so she can be forever young. On his journey, he meets Ti Ying and they both grow very fond of each other. However, Princess Qin Zi, loves him as well. I hate watching bad endings so I didn't want watch the last few episodes for a long time. When I finally caved in, I was simply amazed. I don't want to spoil it so I'll just say that I have never felt so satisfied with an ending like this one! Better than anything I've ever dreamed of. *insert big grin here* If you're looking for a little bit of mythology, mystery, and a nice romance story this series is a must see!

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