Sunday, February 4, 2007

Dicey Business

Dicey Business (2006)
Chinese Drama

Bobby Au Yeung
Jessica Hsuan
Michael Miu
Bosco Wong
Tavia Yeung
Florence Kwok

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 35

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Summary: Home away from home, Bobby Yeung plays an upstart talent in the gambling scene who just entered the world poker championships at a meager age of 18. He was even dubbed the most promising winner in the match. Unfortunately, being just 18, he fell into the ill fate of having a crush on Michael Miu's girlfriend. His chase for love ended up putting his little brother on the missing children's list. This grave mistake made him very guilty. From then on, he became a gambling addict. Dubbed with bad luck, he still indulged himself in the games with the added curse of being the biggest loser in everything he touched. His life literally spiraled downhill. Eventually ending up in the Philippines, escaping debt after debt,a kind-hearted samaritan played by Hui Shiu Hung tried to put his life back on tracks. One day, his friend ran into some problems which eventually put him in the crossroads again with Michael Miu and a job working in his casino. The three of them eventually become very close friends.

Bobby Yeung's character later decides that he's ready to return to Hong Kong after many years on hiatus. We must not forget about his missing brother. Apparently, he his still alive. His mission back home is to relinquish lost love with his parents, ask for forgiveness as well as search for his missing brother. As luck would have it, Bobby Yeung's character assured some help from a friend, played by Jessica Hsuan whom he met in the Philippines.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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