Thursday, February 8, 2007

Corner with Love

Corner with Love (2007)
Taiwanese Drama

Barbie Xu - Yu Xin Lei
Alan Luo - Qin Lang
Chen Zhi Kai - Yin Shang Dong
Lu Jia Xin - Cai Xiao Yang
Dean Fujioka - An Teng Feng

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Episodes: 16

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: Xin Lei grew up in Shanghai. She is known as "princess" to her parents who have spoiled her very much. She understands 8 different languages and plays the piano well. But her talents mean nothing when faced with the challenge known as "love".

The opposite however, is Qin Lang. He grew up in Taiwan with a strong interest in art. His grandmother who raised him since young may look down upon the interest, but tells him that art can penetrate much.

When the two very different people meet, what is it that is waiting for them around the corner? Is it unexplainable or is it just love?

~All information taken from DramaWiki~


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry but this was sooo boring idk everyone loves it but i watched like three episodes it's like ugh

Anonymous said...

I disagree with whoever commented first! I think it pretty good, watch farther that 3 epi then u'll see!

Anonymous said...

dis is a great drama.. u only watched 3 episodes ? i watched the whole drama and i got carried away... in fact on the last 5 episodes may tears are always falling T_T

im really touched...

Shaiha said...

this is a good drama.. it got me laughing and crying.. the plotting is also good and show lou is sooo cute!!