Monday, February 26, 2007

100% Senorita

100% Senorita (2004)
Taiwanese Drama

Chen Qiao En - Liang Xiao Feng
Penny Lin - Zhuang Fei Yang
Wallace Huo - Li Wei Xiang
Deric Wen Zhoa Lun - Pan Bi De (Peter)
Jason Hsu - Meng Zhe Ling

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 40

Playlist Currently Uploading PRIVATELY as of Feb. 26, 2007 (cr)

Summary: Zhu Fang is acting as a fertility mom for other people. During the process of her pregnancy, her maternal instinct was strongly awakened and she is struggling between her pain and her responsibility. God gave her an opportunity of life and she gave birth to a pair of twin girls. Therefore, she left one of her daughters as a hand over and quietly took the other one away.

Twenty years later

The daughter that she left behind is now "Fu Er Mo Sha" Enterprise's Chairman's daughter - Zhuang Fei Yang. Fei Yang would never forget the day of her 20th birthday. For the purpose of giving her a surprise at her birthday party, while hurrying home on his helicopter ride, there was an accident and the helicopter fell. The company's core person - general manager, Bi De, is a handsome guy. Originally he is a very good-looking couple with Fei Yang and is also the person who her father has selected. At the time when Fei Yang is at her weakest moment, Bi De extended his warm shoulder to her. Fei Yang's speeding heart was taken over by Bi De. One evening, it was initially supposed to be a romantic marriage proposal, but it developed into a cruel conspiracy. The mean and ferocious Bi De, used a damaged car to take the unconscious Fei Yang and pushed it down a cliff…

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i was hoping u could continue uploading this series. ure doing a great job. and it's an awesome series. i love it thanx-

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i wanna finish watching this one so bad

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does anyone know if anyone is currently subbing the rest of this, I really want to finish watching this so someone plz finish subbing this I really like this drama

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Someone please please please sub the rest of the episodes!
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I really wanna finish this drama and I hope that someone will sub the rest!
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