Thursday, January 4, 2007

Smiling Pasta

Smiling Pasta (2006)
Taiwanese Drama

Cyndi Wang - Cheng Xiao Si
Nicholas Teo - He Qun
Gino - Ah Zhe
Zhao Hang Qiao - Rita

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Episodes: 17

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: Cheng Xiao Si: Cute and naive, but her relationships never last longer than 3 months. For the 17th time now, she has been dumped. Can she find true love?

He Qun: A cool and sympathetic singer, but he cannot get along with his brother, Ah Zhe (Gino) due to an incident that happened years ago.

Rita: She grew up with He Qun and Ah Zhe. Rita is the girlfriend of He Qun, but she has always been in love with Ah Zhe.

Ah Zhe: The younger brother of He Qun. Although he had taken away Rita, it is supposedly in spite for what he did. He is also the one Xiao Si has a crush on.

Their paths cross when an little accident happens between He Qun and Xiao Si (which leads to He Qun and Xiao Si getting engaged). Will this love mess sort itself out?

~All information taken from DramaWiki~


Tiffiany_45 said...

I still have one more episode to watch of "Smiling Pasta," but I have to say it is really good. This is the Taiwanese take on the Korean contract dramas (you know, the ones where they pretend to be married, engadged, or a long lost family member). It isn't as good as the Korean dramas, but it is interesting to watch the Taiwanese style in this genre. "Smiling Pasta" is cute. Everyone should watch it!

Anonymous said...

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sheinagh said...

This story is so cute! ~*(^_~)*~

Anonymous said...

I loveeeeee Smiling Pasta. I think that this is the best Drama :)) For me it is better than ISWAK
Smiling Pasta rulez!!

Anonymous said...

I thought this was just ok. And, the kicker is that the lead actor has a very strong resemblance to Michael Jackson...

Anonymous said...

This was just ok. The kicker is that the lead actor has a very strong resemblance to Michael Jackson - eeekkk!

Anonymous said...

i heard there might be a second season i hope there is ijust love it! its my favorit drama of the year

Anonymous said...

i really like it, it was cute! but the acting sort of left me going "urgh..." that and the cartoonish parts visable sometimes... but i definately like it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks For Sharing!