Saturday, January 6, 2007

Mr. Goodbye

Mr. Goodbye (2006)
Korean Drama

Ahn Jae Wook - Yoon Hyun Suh
Lee Bo Young - Choi Young In
Oh Yoon Ah - Kang Soo Jin
Jo Dong Hyeok - Kyle

Genre: Drama, Tragedy

Episodes: 16

Playlist COMPLETE and PRIVATE as of Nov. 18, 2006

Summary: "Mr. Good-Bye” is a story about the last love of a dying man, Hyeon-seo, who had to live in loneliness after losing his both foster parents but eventually succeeded as a hotelier. He finally finds happiness when he returns to Korea, where he learns that he has a son from a woman who loves him and finally meets his biological mother. The series also sarcastically portrays good and evil of the human world with a hotel as the background. The series also depicts how hotel concierges help hotel customers heal their spiritual wounds. The upbeat and outgoing Young-in, one of the concierges, teaches Hyeon-seo the meaning of love and fights for his love with Su-jin, a doctor.

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