Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Monkey King - Quest For The Sutra

The Monkey King - Quest For The Sutra (2002)
Chinese Drama

Dicky Cheung - Monkey (Suen Ng Hong)
Sam Lee as Sandy (Sha Jang)
Edmond Leung as Tang Sam Jong
Eric Kot as Piggy (Ju Bat Gwai)
Charlene Choi as Purple Orchid
Gillian Chung as Purple Rose
Andy Hui as Dragon Horse
Sammi Cheng as Guan Yin
Nicholas Tse as Chung Kwai

Genre: Fantasy, WTF? (that is my personal description)

Episodes: 40

Playlist Currently Uploading PRIVATELY as of Jan. 10, 2007

Summary: I've seen 5 different Monkey King adaptation but I'll just stick to the TVB ones. In terms of story and plot this adaption is the weakess that TVB has produced, the first Journey to the West also by Dicky Cheung is by far the best one and Journey to the West II is not too bad as well. I too felt Journey to the West III is a bit rush and basically rehashing the story from number 1 & 2 together.

However, the characters in this adaption is certainly amusing and probably the most fun out of the 3 series and of course all the star power especially the addition of the Twins certainly attracted the younger viewers. I think the first 2 focused more on the morale of the Journey and talks a lot about budism and this one had a lot less...I mean this one had Monkey King in a romance!! While this is fun it certainly deviated a lot from the intention of the Journey to the West story and I think that made it weaker. Having said all that I watched it for the Twins.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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