Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Meteor Rain

Meteor Rain (2001)
Taiwanese Drama

Jerry Yan - Dao Ming Si
Vic Zhou - Hua Ze Lei
Ken Zhu - Xi Men
Vanness Wu - Mei Zuo
Rainie Yang - Xiao You
Senda Aisa

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Episodes: 4

Playlist COMPLETE and PUBLIC as of Jan. 17, 2007

Summary: These are the side stories of Metoer Garden I. There are 3 separate stories for each of the F3, namely, Dao Ming Si, Xi Men and Mei Zuo. They happened in different times... before, during or after Meteor Garden I.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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Tiffiany_45 said...

Why wasn't there a Vic's background story?!? Eh, I LOVED getting more of the Ken and Rainie story line in it, and the little section for Vaness' character was cute. However, Jerry's was kind of boring. It's at least a MILLION times better than MGII.