Saturday, January 6, 2007


Honesty (2000)
Korean Drama

Choi Ji Woo - Lee Ja Young
Ryu Shi Won - Jung Hyun Woo
Park Sun Young - Lee Shin Hee
Son Ji Chang - Park Seung Jae

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 16

Playlist COMPLETE and PRIVATE as of Nov. 18, 2006

Summary: Lee Ja Young comes from a poor family who lives in the basement of one of her rich schoolmates, Lee Shin Hee. Lee Shin Hee's father is a city official and Lee Ja Young's father is his chauffeur. Ja Young has a boyfriend named Park Seung Jae who mistakes her as Shin Hee and later breaks up with her because of this. Ja Young is one of the top students in her class as Shin Hee is one of the more mediocre students. On the day for college entrance exams, Shin Hee's family bribes Ja Young family into Ja Young taking the test for her. Ja Young is forced to take it for the sake of her family's future.

At a one of Shin Hee's birthday party, Shin Hee's crush, Jung Hyun Woo notices Ja Young and he begins to court her. Time pases and Hyun Woo and Ja Young begin to date. Shin Hee is extremely jealous of Ja Young and begins to hate her. On an outing one night, the three people get into a terrible car accident while Shin Hee was driving. The suspect: Ja Young.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~


Shayshay said...

OMG this drama is very good I couldn't stop watching lol I finished it in a week lol =) I would have finished it faster but homework and school and church and practice kind of take time away lol =) but this is very good I think everyone should watch this. Shows you how jealousy can go to another level lol

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying this drama too! How long does the flashback last before we return to the present day car accident? I'm through episode 4 and am starting to wonder...

Anonymous said...

hello how can i watch the complete episodes of this drama? the soju cant show it can you tell me where i can watch this drama?

simple_adult said...

please im addicted this drama can u tell me where i can watch the complete episode?