Thursday, January 4, 2007

Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story

Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story (2003)
Taiwanese Drama

Barbie Xu - Nie Xiao Qian
Daniel Chan - Ning Cai Cheng

Genre: Romance, Period, Fantasy

Episodes: 40

Playlist Currently Uploading PUBLICALLY as of Oct. 9, 2006

Summary: While Zhuge Liuyun is incompetent in occult skills, he insists on labelling himself as Sima Hongye's senior. Si-Ma Hong-Ye, having witnessed his mediocre skills, refuses to acknowledge him as her senior, and seeking freedom of love, she spurns his love and turns down the arranged marriage, which hurts Zhu-Ge Liu-Yun. Both are not willing to budge an inch, thus setting the the fur flying whenever they meet. However, little did Hong Ye know that the silly lad is actually the man of her destiny. As it turns out, Xuan-Xin Zhen-Zong's forefather, as a counter measure to the demon realm making use of the negative energies of Star-Crossed Lovers of Seven Lifetimes to rule the world, decided to look for Destined Lovers of Seven Lifetimes to resist against them. As long as Zhu-Ge Liu Yun and Si-Ma Hong-Ye are devoted to each other, their undying love, coupled with priceless swords Gan Jiang and Mo Xie, would be puissant enough to eliminate the demon realm. However, they have become an odd couple instead...

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lovely_chick said...

This movie is the s***!!! I luv this movie. Omg it was so sad and I especially thinks that it sux how Barbie got to be with the boy or watever nad not that demon guy. Barbie looked so purdie n cute in this movie. This movie gets a bit confusng but I luv it and if anyone knoes where i can get a copy, holla!!

rosel said...

this is the best of all i promise!!i can't explain how it feels while watching it..i really love it..i hope someone knows where can i get a copy??i would really love to have my own copy whatever it takes!!please give me a copy!!please!!this is the best!!!!!!!i can't say anything against it

rosel said...

this is a very very super very good story i promise!!!!!!!i hope i can get a copy

hangyip20041 said...

hi rosel. I do like it too. I have my own copy of it but its not complete yet. it's tagalog dubbed. I'm searching for the other copies but now its not available in any cd store.
Who's character you like the most?
me, I like the character of hongye or hangyip.

prettypaula16 said...

I also want a copy!!! where can I found those? please please tell it to me where can I buy or where cd stores can I go to find it?

Anonymous said...

Can you post a link(mediafire link) for us who wants to download it please. Thank you in advance.

ras rpsa said...

I hope you guys could upload videos. This is such a wonderful story.